Running a marathon will actually bring out aside and asked that we should bring out all year. It makes us healthier individuals. Running will instil in us, great health. When you run, your body starts getting healthier. Your heart rate increases every single time you run, and your body gets the right amount of exercise that it means. You are the opposite of a couch potato, when you run. I could see the differences in myself, when I ran for a couple of months, consecutively. My body started feeling much lighter, I was much hungrier, and I love the feeling altogether. When you get hungry, you should not chow down junk food. You should use the hunger to your advantage and make sure you consume the right food to sate your needs. Your body requires healthy food in such times. You should put in proteins, vitamins and all the necessary nutrients so that it can get healthier.

Run A Marathon

Here are some reasons you should run a marathon.

  • It would be a great reason to tick off a very long-held ambition. There are so many people who cannot say that they have ever run a marathon. If you run a marathon, you can be one of those individuals who can proudly say so. It will give you a sense of satisfaction and also, a sense of achievement.
  • Marathons have been known to offer a chance to combine experiences with travel. If you run a marathon in major city’s like Sydney, Paris, London or more, you can actually enjoy some beautiful scenery.
  • You will also have crowds of individuals who are supporting you throughout the route.
  • It would really help your mental and physical fitness.
  • There are opportunities for you to fundraise money for charity. Running for a charity course is also one of the main reasons why people run marathons. If you run 26.2 miles, it is a considerable achievement. Doing it for charity is double the reward. You are actually running for a good cause. I highly suggest you train for such a length, at least one month before.

  • You get to meet new people. You get to meet like-minded individuals who you can get along with.
  • It will give you a sense of purpose and achievement. It will enhance your life success. A lot of researchers have identified that regular running can actually contribute to success in other areas of your life.
  • All of the planning, the commitment, the hard work will go into training, and you can use these things to improve your character development in other aspects of life as well.
  • It will make you an all-rounded fit individual.
  • Just do it to experience something new and because you CAN!