Precision Timing were the official timekeepers of Run Connemara: IAU Trail World Championships 2011. All contestants were chip timed and the public could follow the race competitiors’ progress live on the Internet. Runners were tracked at the following approximate kilometre markings: 12KM, 28KM, 40KM, 48KM, 60KM, 70KM (Finish). These checkpoints corresponded with the position of aid stations on the course.


1. Erik Clavery (FRA) – 6:39:07

2. Jason Loutitt (CAN) – 6:40:32

3. Patrick Bringer (FRA) – 6:47:50


1. France – 20:24:50

2. Italy – 20:56:36

3. Norway – 21:29:02


1. Maud Gobert (FRA) – 7:41:31

2. Cecilia Mora (ITA) – 7:50:02

3. Lucy Colquhoun (GBR) – 7:57:20


1. France – 24:00:42

2. Italy – 24:21:35

3. Canada – 27:01:08

Although the IAU Trail World Championships was the first global ultra ‘championships’ to be held in Ireland, there were two other international ultra competitons in 2009 and 2010, respectively.

The 2009 Anglo Celtic Plate (home nations) 100km was hosted on the Salthill promenade in Galway. It was regarded as the best organised Anglo Celtic Plate in the history of the competition. Jez Bragg (GBR) won the men’s race in a world class 6:58:00 hrs and Ireland’s European bronze medallist, Helena Crossan, won the female competition. See the race website for results.
The World 50km Trophy Final was also held in Galway in 2010. In the women’s race, Susan Harrison (GBR) set both a world age group record and the fastest time of 2010 when winning the competition in 3:15:43. Collen Makaza (ZIM) won the men’s race in 2:47:22, the third fastest time of 2010, and he passed through the marathon distance in 2:19:21 en route. See Precision Timing for results.