In this essential guide, I will be talking all about the things that you will need to put on your checklist when you are running a marathon. I will also be discussing what you should do when you are preparing for a marathon.

When you commit yourself to a marathon, you are committing to staying fit. You should control your diet, and you should be very invested into working on yourself and getting into better shape for the marathon. You need to keep in mind that this could include getting out of bed at 4 AM or 5 AM to train. A marathon requires commitment and at least two hours of your time every single day.

If you are itching to cross off the “marathon runner” off your bucket list this year, you have come to the right place. In light of the coronavirus pandemic, a lot of individuals have actually gotten into running. I suggest you stay safe and go running, where there are no crowds. One day, you will be able to run in an actual marathon when the virus isn’t such a big problem anymore. I suggest you start training for that day as soon as possible.

marathon day approaches

As your marathon day approaches, you will have a lot of preparations to do. Here is a checklist that you should have, and you should also consider the items so that you do not have any last-minute disasters.

  • You should have a timing chip. It is essential that you keep track of the timing, so that you do not fall behind.
  • You should also keep handy all of your race entry information. I am talking about the location, the bib number pick up, your route and more. All the essential information that you will need about the marathon, should be handy.
  • You should also have your identification. The identification document should prove your name and your address. You can keep your drivers’ license or your passport.
  • I suggest you have your cell phone, in case you get lost. It would be great if you had one of those cell phone holders which you can attach on your body.
  • You should also have any prescription medication, if you need any.
  • The next ones that I will suggest are obvious ones.
  • You need a great pair of shoes that are perfect for running long distances.
  • You also need comfortable socks.
  • You need decent clothing that are aerodynamic and also perfect for running.
  • Use a sunscreen so that you do not get sunburnt.
  • Eat healthy before the marathon on so that; you do not feel bloated while running.